NB: none of These are in any particular order…

Except maybe the last one… Thanx for letting me “steal” this from you Bee, here are
the 7 Things That Scare Me
1. funfair rides- I’m a roller coaster chicken!
2. getting stuck somewhere small (I’m ever so slightly claustrophobic, don’t much like sleeping bags and the like)
3. finding bugs in my food
4. not being able to find Damien- you know, not knowing where he is
5. meeting up with Damien’s father again day
6. dying suddenly and being unprepared for it- without having made sure I’m leaving Damien”taken care of”
7. not being able to prevent Damien getting hurt

the 7 Things I Like The Most
1. my little boy, although no longer so little… and now so full of teenage angst and moods…
2. my cats… my babies, my two little furry masters
3. my family… my lifelines/ confidantes/ friends
4. my feather boas (and all my other accessories)
5. my friends
6. my books
7. my blog- wish I’d found this years ago!

the 7 Important Things In My Room
1. all my pictures of Damien
2. my bedside text books (my bible study books, she’s gonna blow, bringing up boys and strong at the broken places)
3. my jewellery
4. my hats and bandannas
5. my bed
6. all my cushions
7. my block mounted Escher poster

the 7 Random Facts About Myself
1. my nose is just about permanently blocked
2. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was at school
3. I don’t particularly like dogs
4. I am a little bit vain about my own and my son’s level of intelligence… yes really
5. I LOVE Labello lip care
6. I wish I could make a living drawing and writing
7. I am a housework slob- I wish I could have a daily maid

the 7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1. attend wadfest and meet Pterry
2. buy my own house to do with as I please
3. go to Florence and see Michelangelo’s works
4. be skinny enough again to wear a bikini on the beach
5. go to a music festival or two here in SA (Woodstock, Oppikoppi and Splashy Fen)
6. see a live formula one grand prix
7. I want to say write a book… but I’m not sure about that yet

the 7 Things I Can Do
1. draw
2. sing
3. code
4. plan and organise
5. speak backwards
6. train my cats
7. bake

the 7 Things I Can’t Do
1. handstands and gymnastic stuff
2. be friends with my exes
3. drink sherry or port
4. smoke anymore
5. resist an opportunity to imbibe in fancy dress
6. admit I’m an ok mom
7. stop criticizing my in-laws

the 7 Things I Say The Most
1. oh fork…
2. hello all you happy people
3. shit
4. howziiiiit
5. bloody hell
6. vlok!
7. oh four five six! (can you tell I’m trying not to swear like I used to?!?)

my 7 Celebrity Crushes (I may be too old for crushes, but these people I really like)
1. angelina jolie
2. nicolas cage
3. vin diesel
4. tim burton
5. johnny depp
6. anastacia
7. matthew mcconaughey

the 7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
1. definitely singleness!
2. oh dear… must I list seven?!?
3. ooookay then, wracking my brains… I love a beautiful mouth
4. his attitude towards children, his own and other people’s
5. his ability to have an intelligent conversation without mentioning sex or hinting at aspects of sex
6. his sense of humour and whether he can laugh at himself
7. and in total honesty- whether he goes to church or not. granted this wasn’t always very important to me but it is now.