Not Again!

Unbelievably- I am going to have to look for another aftercare for Damien! AGAIN!!! It took me FOUR MONTHS to find the one he is going to now! The one he’s at now only has six kids in total, “Aunty B” helps with and checks on homework, she has internet facilities for research when he needs it, she cooks lunch for them, she makes sure he gets to gymnastics on time- and the best part- she has similar standards to mine. So homework has to be finished before they can play TV games- rules like that. Damien has been happy there for the last few months, after the initial drama of the change (which Damien dislikes intensely). Now she’s been offered a job that she really can’t refuse, at a semi-private school, not only will she be paid to teach but all three of her own kids will go to school “free” as part of her package. I nearly burst into tears when she told me yesterday! She’s going to try and help find someone else, she knows of two other mom’s who are homeschooling their kids and she is going to ask if they would be prepared to take Damien on after school like she did- but I’m not holding my breath. In all likelihood she will be starting on November 1st so it only leaves me about two months to find someone new. Just hold on a moment while I scream into my handbag (don’t want to scare my clients)… I just can’t believe it… I ‘spose I should have known it was too good to last.