Oh How I Love My Cats!

Yup, I am a “cat person”. I am one if those people who goes all googly-eyed when she talks about her cats and who wants to take all the kittens in the pet shop home with her! And when people tell you cats are psychic or something- don’t laugh it off! Both my babies know exactly what mood I’m in. And Taxi just has to walk towards me with his tail in the air to make me smile. Greebo is my black yellow-eyed-talkative-non-purring-sleeps-with-Damien-intelligent-fresh-water-loving-scared-of-thunder-storms-non-cuddling-brush-loving Siamese cross with the white tipped tail. When I come home and he’s not at the front door- then I know something’s up. Both times that Taxi got out of the flat (still dunno how), Greebo came and climbed on my bed to wake me up, I know if he’s on my bed at night then something’s not right in “Greeboville”. They both go for walks outside on their leashes but Taxi has to go find Greebo if he wants to get into one of the kitchen cupboards. Taxi is my all black brown-eyed-can-only-squeak-sleeps-with-me-tail-twitching-purring-greedy-snack-loving-not-as-intelligent-as-Greebo-potted-plant-eating-curtain-climbing Burmese cross. If he’s hiding under my bed when I get home- then I know he’s yanked one of my potted plants out of its pot again! His other favourite trick is to eat only the flowers, leaving the stalks and leaves behind! He also tries to steer me to the kitchen whenever I get up out of my seat. If I suddenly had to part with them or if something had to happen to either of them I’d be very heartsore. Very heartsore.

2 thoughts on “Oh How I Love My Cats!

  1. I am also a kitty person as you know, and I had to give mine up when we moved cos they dont allow animals in the complex – which we only discoverd when we went to sign the contract. I was shattered – she was my darling, my baby, my sweet kitty witty. I still miss her terribly and cried for weeks after the new family fetched her. One day I will have another kitty and I will not part with him/her – not for ALL the tea in CHINA!!! *sniff*

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