The Son Of My Brother

Hello all, this site is supposed to be about me & mine- but I must tell you more about my brother’s son, N. I did write about him before (July 21st), but I must write again. It’s not even two months since then and so much has changed already! This is also why I so wish I could have found a blog when my son was still a baby. N has started walking and now LOATHES his walking ring and doesn’t want to be held unless you’re feeding him something or taking him outside. Pick him up when he wants to be down and he lets you know very clearly that he wants to be on the ground! Anyway, for a while we thought N might have a problem with his sight- if you pointed a camera at him he would tilt his head back and look down his nose at you- and occasionally he would squint. He had a shunt put in his head when he was about nine months old and the pressure on his brain from before the shunt has apparently damaged what is known as the “small eye” (anyone know what this is?) and the poor kid is badly farsighted. This is one of the reasons he has always loved books so much- them being close means he can see everything in them beautifully! They optician worked out that he can see fairly clearly only for about seven metres. He has since got glasses and now that he can see- everything is funny to him! He was sitting on the lawn at my mom’s house and Damien was throwing a ball for the dog- and each time she rocketed off up the lawn after the ball N would give this little chuckle! He looks at everything with such intensity- even our faces- it’s really amazing to see. His love for books and cars has not diminished. On Sunday my dad was watching Isle Of Man motor cycle racing and N was getting closer and closer to the screen (as close as his daddy would let him go) and it being a big screen he was having to move his head to watch the bikes as they went zooming past him! We were all giggling like lunatics at one stage were so baby-engrossed we were paying no attention to the actual racing. Isn’t it amazing how often that happens? His arms have also grown so much that he can now clasp his fingers together on his chest (will post a picture as soon as I get one)- yet when he was born his hands didn’t even reach his mouth!
His four cousins are also fiercely protective of him and adore spending time with him and playing with him. My sister B’s son “S” is especially sweet- give him half a chance and he’s taken N outside to look at the cars in the driveway and tell him what they are and fight off the dog who’s head is at N’s face level and who just wants to say a gobby hello!
One thing I do find though- with me- is when other people start talking about their babies (and lately there are several new ones) I want to tell them about N but I feel I may be making them feel guilty that their babies are healthy and whole, and I don’t want them to feel sorry for N or guilty of their own blessings. But I do think he’s special. N was given to his parents and to our family for a reason- and I know God knew what he was doing.