Grab Your Torches

Woooohoooo- Survivor Palau starts tonight! Damien and I thoroughly enjoy every Survivor series. We turn it into a little competition between the two of us. This season has promised to be extra entertaining too- the rules have changed (again) and there’re more contestants than ever before. We each choose a team to support and from the beginning we shout and cheer and jab each other in the ribs when the opposing team loses a challenge. We also choose a contestant to be eliminated in each episode and when the teams merge we pick an individual winner. Juuuuuust one little hiccup- tonight is the last session in the parenting course workshop I’ve been doing- and as much as I want to see the first episode of SP, I REALLY don’t want to miss the last session either (yes, yes, I know I can tape it and watch it after the workshop and all that, but Damien will be in bed already).
And- as much as I will miss seeing the bitching and scheming of the Footballers Wives- the second season of Las Vegas has started in its place- and don’t you just luuuurrrv Josh Duhamel!? And the story line- four gorgeous girls and one absolute complete all but edible dish who, if you ask me, smaaks all four of them! And he came back from wherever he was stationed all dark and scary and proposed to Mary!
So, for me, Monday’s highlight is LV, Tuesday is SP (which overlaps Gilmore Girls- I just tape it and watch it after) and Wednesday is Judging Amy and Life Isn’t All Ha Ha Hee Hee. There’s sweet blow all on a Thursday until after ten, unless you have a lot more channels than I have access to. Friday night is Crossing Jordan. Saturday night usually has three movies in a row, and Sundays is series day… Oooooookay, I just realised it sounds like I watch waaaaay too much TV. I really don’t- I can quit anytime I want! BTW, does anyone know when TIVO is coming to SA? I know they invented it especially for me, although turning into a complete hermit if I get TIVO (or something like it) is a very distinct possibility!

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  1. You and I should also pick the person we think will win Survivor, so far I have predicted all but one winner. What you say, I will tell you tomorrow who I think will win.

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