It’s The Weekeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend, BABY!

Friday night, as I mentioned, was the BINGO night school fundraiser. We had a total jol, it was such fun! We screeched out the numbers we wanted, I repeated them for my granny and for Damien ‘coz the guy was calling really fast- and we yelled when we didn’t get the numbers we wanted. I’ve never played BINGO, Damien’s granny and great granny joined us and we had supper there too. We eventually left around nine.
Saturday I did next to nothing. I was actually looking forward to sleeping late and then I remembered I had an eight o’clock facial! Thank goodness for PDA’s! I enjoyed my facial, I always do, but I could hardly wait to go back home to bed. I went to Pick ‘n Pay quickly for salad and meat for Sunday’s braai and then I went home and passed out on the couch watching Shrek. Saturday night I babysat my nephew N for a few hours and watched Arthur2 while I waited for my brother to come back and pick him up. I don’t sleep when I have a baby to look after ‘coz I hear nothing when I sleep and I don’t want the poor kid to fall off the bed or cry and not be heard! And I forgot how funny the Arthur movies were! My poor brother could have had a better evening though- they attempted to steal his car AGAIN and now the passenger door doesn’t open at all! That kind of thing totally ruins a weekend!
Sunday morning we all shipped off in a three car convoy (I think I’ve mentioned we’re a big family) to my sister C’s plot for a braai. And got lost. My dad and BIL decided her directions were too confusing and decided to head in the general direction by a route they knew and find the way when we got there. So we spent nearly ninety minutes on the road instead of the fifty C said it would take and her boyfriend D had to fetch us so we could follow him home. C moved into a lovely old farmhouse a couple of weeks ago and she’s as happy as a pig in mud! She’s got chickens, she’s getting geese, she got two cats to take care of the rat problem- now solved- but the cats have become working cats and are all but invisible- she calls them the mystery cats- Tuko and Houdini. They also acquired a nine month old pit bull named Mickey, and almost daily she mails me something silly that Mickey has done. The kids had a blast- spent almost the whole day in the two huge oak trees outside C’s front door.
Monday morning Damien woke up with a headache and sore throat. I shoulda known something was up when he didn’t say one word on the way home yesterday afternoon. I wasn’t feeling so hot myself so I phoned my boss and I phoned the school and off we went to the doctor. Damien has an upper respiratory tract infection and will go back to school on Wednesday. She also had a look at Damien’s lump and it is indeed a gynecomastia, just like the internet said! Damien also read all the stuff I got on Friday and I think it put his mind at ease- he acted like it didn’t worry him but he was eager to read what I’d found. I got me a cortisone shot to open my chest up again. I felt fine, I was just coughing a bit- and I know that cough. Any asthmatic will know the cough I’m talking about. But my doctor was very worried when she heard my chest. Amazing what you can get used to!