Somebody Fill Me In Please!

Does anyone know what happened on Gilmore Girls in good ol’ SA last night on SABC? A blow by blow, verbally detailed account would be very much appreciated* I had to tape Survivor Palau while I was at the final session of my parenting course so I couldn’t tape GG like I usually would while watching Tuesday reality TV! I’m beginning to think I need another video machine so I can tape more programmes that I do’ wanna miss! Pathetic innit!?!
What a start to SP hey!?! I loved the beginning, how hard they all worked to start building shelter and all that and then having to pick teams* it made a nice change. I am REALLY glad they did not keep the singing woman- I don’t even remember her name but how annoying was she?! They could have kept the “hottie” who went home though! And don’t you just love Angie!!! She’s got my bet so far. She was hoping the other “freak” would pick her, but I knew he wouldn’t- he wanted to be the only freak! I was not at all surprised Jolanda had to go- it’s almost always the first person to elect someone else for voting out at the first tribal council who ends up going themselves. Damien has chosen ULONG (the blue team) for himself, so I get KOROR (the brown team) for me- and I was sorely disappointed when their boat tipped and they lost their flint.
Haven’t decided on any “hotties” yet either* how bout you?

One thought on “Somebody Fill Me In Please!

  1. Sorry, dont know what happened on GG. But I did enjoy SP. My team is also Koror, and my favourite it Tom, the fireman. I like Coby, though I did think it was rather nasty of him not to pick Angie, specially after his whole “we’re cut from the same cloth…” speech. But I like Angie too, I think she can be quite a toughie, I was THRILLED when Jolanda was voted off!! YAY for Angie. And I was glad the singing WANDA went home too. But bossy “my name’s Jolanda, JO, if you cant say it”…”OK people, for every two hours we work we will rest one hour – got that” would so get my vote on the first tribal FOR SURE!!! I would be far more interested in getting to know someone like Angie – so when you going for floral tattoos and nose rings hey? You just cant get the dragonfly between your boobs, it will get totally squished – maybe you can get a sguished dragonfly tattoo – that would be cool!!!

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