The A&D Weekend

Friday was quiet. I was exhausted so we went home and vegged out in front of the TV. It was Taxi’s first birthday on Friday too! My little cuddle cat is one year old- he is just so adorable and I love the way he follows me around the house. Saturday morning I slept late. Bliss! Damien was awake fairly early but he made himself French toast for breakfast and watched cartoons. Greebo and Taxi make the most of me still being in bed (when I get the chance to sleep late) and usually join me. Saturday afternoon we went to visit one of my all time favourite couples (G&A) to celebrate A’s 28th birthday. This particular couple have labeled themselves Damien’s “weekend parents” and they absolutely adore my boy! They have a little girl of 18 months and another baby on the way. What can I say? They are fabulous people and I love visiting them. They’re the kind of people who make you feel like you’re the centre of the world when you visit them and I always feel better about the world when I leave! I’m very blessed with the friends I have, and funny enough- my friends are mostly couples with kids! Anyhoo, we left G&A quite late, we had a Chinese braai- haven’t done that in forever- and Irish coffee’s for dessert (G is the Irish coffee MASTER)! G’s three nieces were also there, the middle one is very pretty and a wee bit younger than Damien and I think Damien may have a little crush on her. I warned him they’d be there too, so he could dress up if he wanted to (they’ve met a few times before). They spent the early part of the evening trying to be cool and not attract attention in the “Hey! I’m over here! Don’t look now! Is she looking? Is he looking? Is my hair OK? Oh, I didn’t see you there*” way that teenager’s have. They get on well once they settle down and decide no-ones going to bite. They spent most of the late evening watching DVD’s and sitting next to each other drawing on the couch (yup- she can draw too). We got home and all but passed out when our heads hit our pillows! Sunday morning was church. And there was Chinese couple (I’m assuming- I don’t know if it’s PC to ask) sitting next to us- visitors for the day- and she had a translator with her! I was fascinated- Damien too. We spoke very briefly, saying hello and introducing ourselves, and she showed me her toy. It translates English- words and phrases into their language on a screen that’s little bigger than a big cell phone. It must be really difficult to find a church to join when you can barely understand the sermon! It’s amazing what we take for granted! They said they’d be back next week so I think they enjoyed themselves. After church I went home and baked an apple tart for afternoon tea- and fell asleep on the couch! My sister B woke me when she phoned me to ask if D & I were still going there for tea! Don’t you just hate being woken by a cell phone- it’s so disorienting! Anyway, grabbed Damien and the apple tart and we made our way to B’s house. My mom, dad, granny and brother with family in tow were already there! We had cake and tea and the boys went for a swim. My brothers little one N looooves the pool & really kicked up a fuss when they took him out! He was consoled when he got back to the house and found A1 on TV, he loves cars. D & his cousins spent the afternoon outside playing with Hulk, Transformer and Spiderman action figures while my dad, brother, BIL and I watched the inaugural A1 race from at Brands Hatch in the UK! What a brilliant race! I just love our car- it’s named “Vulindlela” (meaning: open the way). It’s really a nice change to compete against other countries in motor racing and of course we were all yelling against our arch enemies the Ozzies & the All Blacks. The Team USA paint job is beautiful- second only to ours I think. Team SA finished 6th after Team Australia and the all black Team NZ car. It was very entertaining indeed- there was some speculation about the entertainment value of A1 but I think it surpassed expectations. Even my dad was impressed and he’s been bored with F1 for a few years already. Then- instead of going to my mom & dad’s house to watch the Brazilian F1- Damien and I went home so he could watch Men In Black- ‘coz I had already said he could stay up- it’s their “spring break ” so there’s no school on Monday. As tempted as I was to say: “Sorry Damien, mommy wants to watch the race” I went home and taped the F1. Don’t anyone tell me what happened- I’m only going to watch it tonight and I have been avoiding the news so I don’t know what happened.
I hope you all had lekker weekends too! Ciao!
(email post- will fix spacing later)