Another Weekend Flies By

(email post- hope the spacing isn’t too horrible)
I didn’t feel so hot this weekend, I think the last week’s lack of sleep and added stress has resulted in me getting some kind of cold…I woke up on Friday morning with a sore throat but we were on time for our court appearance. After we got out of court I fetched my granny and we went to Wimpy for brunch- I misheard my mom and fetched my granny i.s.o. my SIL who needed to get to the bank! I visited my SIL later to apologise for getting it wrong! Friday afternoon we had to go to see Damien’s doctor in Jo’burg which is a monthly trip I dread more all the time- only because it’s so bloody far away. Friday night Damien and I got takeout for supper since it was payday and then we fell asleep in front of the TV.
Saturday morning we were up early as Damien was to spend the day at a friend’s school carnival fund raiser. They ran out of money REAL fast and wanted to come home by noon! I was still scrubbing floors so I made them wait another hour. The two of them came home and watched one of Damien’s videos, and then I sent them to the video shop for a few more. Much to my disappointment and contrary to all my training, my son loves movies like “Joe Dirt” and “The Waterboy”… oh the humanity! Where did I go wrong!?!?! They had pizza and burgers for supper so I didn’t cook anything this weekend! I didn’t sleep very well at all. I was awake every few hours because I needed my asthma pump a lot this weekend. Hasn’t been like that in a while.
Sunday I overslept so we didn’t go to church. Thankfully the boys kept themselves entertained with the stuff they bought at yesterday’s carnival and mostly stayed outside. In the afternoon they went to Damien’s buddy’s house for a swim so I had a little quiet time to read and write some. This evening I phoned my goddaughter to say hello. She’s so cute and growing so fast. She told me all about their trip to Durban’s marine park and beach and how much fun she had and how her little brother is growing and how much she loves riding her pony. I wish I could see more of her but they live far from us.
I’m not looking forward to this work week. I REALLY want to go on holiday, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to afford it again.
How’s that for excitement people!