An Electronic Social Life?

I recently joined a few email “chat” groups through Yahoo! that cover a few of my interests and “life situations”. I am absolutely loving the anonymous intimacy (how’s that for an oxymoron!?) of these groups and of my blog. I can be myself, vent, rant, get help or advice and all without worrying about what people think! Those who know me will know that I’ve never been terribly concerned with whether or not other people like what they see, but these groups and my blog give me that much more space to be me. In fact to be EXTRA me- and to reach more people in doing so! But then, is it bad for me to have such a busy electronic “social” life? I’ve always loved a spotlight and the more attention I get the better. So is it so wrong for me to all but drool in anticipation of downloading my new emails? Is it sad for me to feel like nobody loves me when I get no comments on my blog, or to cheer when I see my counter ticking over steadily!? Of course it is, but I’m pretty sure I’m nerfectly pormal, especially for this day and age! Don’t you think? I’ll start worrying when I no longer leave the office (‘coz sadly there’s no connectivity at home yet) in case I miss something, or when I start growing electronic tentacles that fuse me to my laptop a’la Steven King!

2 thoughts on “An Electronic Social Life?

  1. {sigh} ja, nee – it’s a sad, sad state of affairs. You are officially a “blogpagechatroomelectrosocialite” and there is no help for you – none, nada, zigalo-f@kall, zilch, zero, zip. It would not surprise me if you did grow tantacles -a’la Stephen King. Crazy lady!!!

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