My Darling Child

Damien as a “thing” about expiry and best by dates… for example, if I send him to go and buy bread and milk, he will come back empty handed if he cannot find milk with at least six days to go and bread with at least two days to go till it expires. If the bread on the shop shelf “expires” today or tomorrow, no matter how fresh it feels, he will not buy it. If the milk in our fridge at home has passed its date- even by only one day and even if it still tastes fine, he won’t touch it without an argument (which runs something along the lines of me saying; “You will NOT eat dry cereal for breakfast again- USE THE MILK- I won’t have it wasted! There’s nothing wrong with it!” and him simply repeating that it’s passed its best by date, with a look on his face that says he cannot understand why I’m so dense)! One time he poured almost two litres of milk down the drain at my parent’s house because it had expired the day before, never mind that it still tasted fine! This of course resulted in a long discussion on respect for other people’s property and so on. Why on earth would he be so finicky about this?

One thought on “My Darling Child

  1. Warning: this post has a potential giggle warning

    Do you know* how finicky you are? Where does he get it, where does he get it?? – mmmm let me think, uummmm from you* maybe?

    rjdtrow: a bottle of redro so far past it’s expiry date even the name has gone off.

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