Today I Watched

As a man who works for my client (with whom I share an office) drank a litre of strawberry yoghurt through a straw. It was NOT a drinking yoghurt though… here is the ensuing email conversation between me and my sisters:
From Angel: Right now I am watching a man DRINK one litre of strawberry yoghurt through a straw. But it’s not a drinking yoghurt…
From B: A litre!! Is he very hungry or very fat?
From C: ha ha ha ha ha …you are a nut.
From Angel: I’m the nut? Don’t you think he is? And I don’t think he’s particularly hungry or fat (he’s been drinking it all morning) I just don’t think he knows he’s not supposed to drink it!
From Angel: Can you hear how hard he has to suck to get the strawberries up the straw! Waaahahahahaha! ROTFL!
From B: JEEZ I’M SO HUNGRY I COULD DRINK A BURGER!!!! Well. I am sorry sir we don’t have burgers, but here, here is a 1 litre chunky strawberry yoghurt ­ if you can suck a BURGER up a straw, then surely you can suck strawberries my good man, oh and SUCK IN THAT LIP MAN, you look like something from Forest Gump!!! (“run for a bun!” ­ as Donovan says, not “run forest run!”)
From C: you are the nut for feeling the urge to share such a completely foolish act, enjoyed it though, and had a good laugh, but only you would send an e­mail like that…. wierdo. ha ha ha ha
I had to leave the office several times to stifle my giggles when I heard him sucking on the strawberries again and again! I couldn’t understand why he didn’t just go and fetch a spoon! I must be honest- I don’t like this man- I find him annoying and dense, and I know I was being mean, but I have to behave myself while I’m at my clients office and I knew my sisters would find this funny too. Oh, the joys of sharing an office!

2 thoughts on “Today I Watched

  1. no fair! i asked you to warn me when there was potential for a giggle induced asthma attack!

  2. ok – you are a nut, nutter, nuttier, nuttiest, etc

    tohbnlhe: the sound one makes when a strawberry is sucked up a straw too fast and hits the back of your throat like a strawberry missle!

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