Call Me A Chicken, But

I decided to cancel the psych appointment Damien and I had for this afternoon. I have come to the conclusion (over the last couple of weeks) that any “issues” we have are purely discipline related- and we’re just going to have to work on that. The psych we were to see is really nice- she said I can call anytime if I change my mind, or if I just want to talk.
Honestly- I don’t know if I ever want to go back to a psych of any kind when it comes to Damien. We have been to psychologists and psychiatrists before, for him and for me- I got the help I needed at the time, but Damien got nothing out of his visits. And because he was upset about having to see yet another doctor, he gave the guy completely the wrong impression of himself (back then) and this guy thought Damien was pessimistic, despressed, sullen… basically everything Damien isn’t. And he is already on meds for his ADHD and I am terrified he wll be diagnosed with some other disorder and given more medication. Thats the last thing either of us needs now.
I’ll let you know if change my mind…

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