For the last week or so, my hay fever has been particularly bad. And when my hay fever gets bad, my asthma gets worse too. The post nasal drip from a constantly irritated nose causes my chest to close up and then I need an asthma pump, cough mixture, hay fever meds, pain killers for the headache* it’s a vicious circle. My asthma also causes a cough which is truly dreadful to hear, and while I know what it is and that it’s not contagious- its not like I’m wearing a sign or anything and most people think I’m on the verge of collapse when they hear this fabulous asthmatic cough (imagine a hoarse bloodhound with whooping cough). What’s even worse is that these coughing fits have no warning- I just launch into one all of a sudden! So, here’s what I was getting at. This month I’ve been too broke to buy my usual hay fever meds, so my mommy dearest took pity on me and we went to Dischem yesterday afternoon after work to get me some. Before we went to the back of the shop to get my stuff, we were scratching around in the sale bins ‘coz it’s always interesting you know* and I had one of my lung spasms. It lasted maybe 10 seconds, but when I opened my eyes again I had all but cleared the shop! There was no one anywhere near us! One look at my mother was enough to almost send me into a giggle fit ‘coz she was laughing at how people had scarpered when I started hacking (and giggling would have brought on another bout of coughing and another panicked rush by the shoppers around me to get as far away as fast as possible)! I half imagine these poor people monitoring themselves for the next few weeks to see what- if anything- I have infected them with. And if they do happen to get sick I guarantee they’ll blame it on the silly cow in the chemist who- according to them- should have been home in bed!

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  1. Siestog! I know what that sounds like. Can be rather horrifying if you dont know it is simply asthma. Hope the meds from Mommy dearest have helped and you are feeling better now.

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