Have You Ever?

I bumped my head this morning! I honestly cannot remember when last I bumped my head! Here’s what happened- Damien has a desk/ bed combination and after he left for school, I heard he’d left his radio on, so I went to his room to switch it off. His radio is up against his bookshelf so I had to stick my head under the bed to find the switch- and I stood up too soon! I was speechless! First of all it hurt like blazes. Second of all I couldn’t believe I’d hit my head. Then thirdly I walked into the passage and there sat Greebo and Taxi, looking at me like I’d totally lost it and wondering what the commotion was all about- which set off a bout of giggles which in turn inspired a fit of coughing! What a way to start my day!

2 thoughts on “Have You Ever?

  1. I bimped my head once – a while back, before we moved. I ran to the bathroom to get loo paper for a really icky nose, remember where the shower was? The toilet roll holder was on that wall, I bent to get some and as I straightened up to go back to the lounge I didn’t straighten up enough and connected the side of my head with the shower wall. I also could not believe I had done that – what a stupid thing to bump, it so up there out of the way and all. I was very irritated and had a lovely bump to show for it too.

    ksfdhg: an abbreviation of a list of swear words you can yell when you bump your head!

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