I’m So Proud Of My Boy!

(email post) We got home late yesterday- around 7pm. The reason- I fetched my mom from work, my dad had dropped her off in the morning and it had started to rain (mom would normally have walked home) and we stayed for coffee and a visit before going home. The ground floor of our block of flats is mostly occupied with old ladies who live alone. Three of them are in their nineties! Last night, as we drove into our parking lot, one of the ladies was standing in her doorway and Damien says: “I think she needs help, mom.” Now, the ladies standing in their doorways is not unusual- almost all of them have a look who’s coming and going in the parking lot when they hear a car. So why Damien thought she may have a problem I don’t know. When we parked he went to her and she told him she had no electricity! The poor woman was in the dark! I asked Damien if he thought he could find the box with the switches in since he knows how to lift the trip switch- but he said no (it’s a different floor plan and layout to our flat). I left him to unpack the car while I jumped (ok- climbed laboriously) over the wall dividing the parking lot from the ground floor flats. I quickly found the fuse box and got her lit up again. I didn’t ask how long she’d been in the dark, and I have no idea why she didn’t check the trip switch herself* she was so very grateful, and listening to her thank me so profusely I really felt sorry for her and (again) prayed that I would not live that long! LOL! And if Damien hadn’t noticed her I would probably not have seen her at all.