What A Weekend

I was looking forward to a facial and a blackjack night… and couldn’t do either! I left work early on Thursday, I had a fever and my tummy was bubbling and since Damien hadn’t been well on Wednesday night I immediately knew what was wrong! I spent Friday in bed with a horrible stomach virus that’s doing the rounds currently. Some people have had it bad enough to go on a drip due to dehydration… but luckily neither Damien nor I got that far. My brother, SIL and mother have all had a turn- they were camped out on the toilet with a bucket at their feet- so mine was a picnic in comparison! I think my SIL and brother gave it to my mom, but Damien and I didn’t see them while they were sick, two of the kids at Damien’s aftercare also had it and I think he got it there and gave it to me. That’s the reason I was afraid to go to the blackjack night my family had planned on Friday night- I was feeling a little better but I was terrified of making everyone else sick- this thing is highly contagious. The blackjack night was a huge jol, the whole family was there and I really wish I could have been too! I cancelled my early morning Saturday facial too. Then on Saturday, Damien, the cats and I spent literally the whole day camped out on my bed. Damien alternated between playing with his LEGO (which covered half the bed) and playing PC games. I played PC games and read a book. Neither of us was particularly hungry so we just drank coke and water all day. We eventually ventured out of the bedroom when it was already dark and dared to eat some plain toast and marmite. It was after 9pm that I got a SMS from my mom- this is not completely unusual so I wasn’t too worried, I sat up very straight when I read the message though! My little sister C and her boyfriend D had been in an accident and were at a hospital in Jo’burg being checked out. They had been on their way out for supper, and some loony had come up too fast behind them and clipped the back of D’s double-cab which caused it to roll twice. They were bruised, cut and badly shaken and bruised, and D may have some cracked ribs- but they’re not too badly injured, PTL! The loony never even stopped. Then while waiting for the paramedics they were robbed! That’s why my folks only heard from them after they got to the hospital. If I hadn’t heard of this happening before I would say “ONLY IN SOUFF EFFRIKA!” Anyhoo, they were worried about C’s neck because this is probably the fifth accident she’s been in and she’s been in a neck brace and traction before. Also on Saturday morning- I got a new cousin! My dad’s youngest brother and his wife had a little boy at 11h30 on Saturday morning- 3.54kg & 52cm long- named after his dad. And not an entirely miserable weekend sport wise- at least SA won the cricket! The Bulls lost to the Cheetahs in the Currie Cup final, very sad, and in A1 racing Team SA didn’t finish the second race- which pushes us even further down in the point standings. My brother and SIL visited briefly with my darling nephew N- his arms have grown so long he now walks around with his pinky fingers hooked together! And he’s learnt to walk backwards! As soon as I can I’ll post a picture- he is so adorable!