I Am SOOOOOO Excited

(e-mail post) I cannot tell you how excited I am! Every time I think about it I feel this little jump in my stomach! I got an email today saying that our company is DEFINITELY closed between Christmas and New Year! This will be my first Christmas holiday in ten years- TEN YEARS PEOPLE! It’s probably the main reason I ever wanted to change jobs in the first place (apart from the dreadful working hours)* I cannot wait to tell Damien! I still cannot believe that I will actually be at home at the same time as the rest of my family and friends! Every year it’s been the bane of my life- and the worst was that my financial month end at the previous job fell on the last Sunday of the month- so it was always either New Year’s weekend or Christmas weekend! EVERY BLOODY YEAR! And leave was totally non-negotiable. There was no way in hell you could have that time off- unless you were actually dying and in hospital! That was only the operational side of the business though- marketing, finance and admin were allowed to take leave over Christmas. And management of course! And as proud as I was of being the best in the business- I wished with all my heart that I could have Christmas off!

One thought on “I Am SOOOOOO Excited

  1. That is really lekka!! It will be so nice to have you around – relaxed and happy – to share the festive season with us this year. I always felt so bad for you having to work in that time always.

    yay yay !!

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