Just Call Me “Monk”

Oh how I love disinfectant wipes! They have them in the toilets here in my clients building. I don’t know if you’ve all seen it, but there’s a TV programme called “Monk” that centres on an ex-police detective with severe (and I mean severe) OCD. And I SO know where he’s coming from. And I know it’s nothing new- but there are so many MORE people in the building I share with my clients than there were at my previous job- and I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been in a toilet cubicle and heard someone leave without washing their hands. I wish you could see me in the toilets, I wash my hands, dry them with the paper towels (love those too) then blow dry them (especially under my rings) and then I get to the door… if my sleeves are long enough I use a cuff under my hand, if my sleeves are short then I stand there for several seconds having this internal debate on whether or not to go back and get a paper towel thingy to open the door with. And then if I do get a paper towel, I use it on the bathroom door and the door leading to my office’s passage- and then I must throw it away because- have you guessed?- because who knows how many germs are now on the paper towel thingy! And if I don’t use a paper towel thingy I don’t want to touch any part of me until I’ve washed my hands again… aaaaargh! It’s reached the point where I am seriously considering bringing my own coffee and sugar and teaspoon. If I open the coffee jar and there’s a spoon in it- I don’t want coffee anymore because I don’t know who touched the spoon last and I can’t tell how many germs are now in the coffee powder, the same with the sugar! And the milk- oh do NOT get me started! I don’t want to touch door handles because I can’t see how many germs are on it! I swear people- I am THIS close (picture me holding my fingers about 5mm apart) to carrying a thing of wet wipes around with me! This is insane- is this how OCD starts?

6 thoughts on “Just Call Me “Monk”

  1. my home and my cats are my mess and my germs… i don’t have to wonder who or where they came from, see?!

  2. Never mind spoon in a coffee jar, what about couple of ants (or worse)? And we have a huge kettle (10L) in a staff room, ever wonder how does the water get in?


  3. Oh and another thing – you are so nuerotic about other people not washing their hands and about germs and stuff, yet you have two cats – who live inside with a sand box – how many germs do they have? Like i said – it’s not bad to be aware of being clean – but to go as far as you are is crazy. You’re a nut.

  4. Hey girl, you are starting to become scary. You need to get this thing under control or it will take over. I think this is exactly how OCD starts, there is nothing wrong with being germ conscious – but there is no way of not coming into contact with them ever. You need to go for counciling or something to stop this – I really think this is important.

  5. I recently heard that everyone has a bit of OCD. I was wondering, because I am exactly the same way in a washroom. I always open the door with my sleave. A girl I know touched blood in a washroom and it started her OCD. I know her story well. She can’t even do laundry because the clothes are dirty, and then she doesn’t want clean clothes to go into a basket that dirty clothes were in, etc.

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