‘Scuse My Frustration Please People!

That’s what I’m feeling now. Damien and I have been using 1-2-3 MAGIC at home to try and curb the way he snaps at me and speaks to me, and it seems to be working… but what’s frustrating me is Damien’s meds. He is on Ritalin- a morning dose @ 6:30 and a small dose in the afternoon @ 2 to get him over the homework and studying period. Up until about a month ago that was working fine. Then he started having a hard time (behaviour wise) after second break at school, round 11am. So we added a tablet in the morning- which worked for a while. Then it didn’t work anymore, so last week we added another tablet @ 10:30. But because it’s at 10:30 the teacher has to remind him to take it- if this doesn’t happen consistently we have no idea whether it actually helps or not. And Damien NEEDS supervision when it comes to his meds- he cannot be left to remember to remind himself to take it. So since last Thursday, he has taken it twice (today should have been day four) and since we go back to his doctor on Saturday I was hoping to have concrete results to justify switching to another medication- one that is longer acting and only requires a morning dose. But without the results I don’t think I can get that far. That’s the fun of Ritalin you see- the trial and error of finding a dose that works is what tips me over the edge every time we have to change it again. And the worst is Damien is also hugely affected by the change because he is the one being “studied” if you know what I mean. It’s all in his best interests of course, because when he is on the right dosage its magic, but the changes drive us all crazy. And of course I am not with him 24 hours a day and I rely on his teachers or aftercare people to remind him to take his tablets (this is one of the reasons I gave him a cell phone- so it could be programmed to remind him as well).
And now I am again on the hunt for a new aftercare for him. I liked the one he was going to originally, but I changed in the second term because I was getting to him so late everyday and he was missing too much gymnastics training. I found one close to the gym, close to home and on the way home from work. Then she was offered a job as a teacher with fabulous benefits and I had two months to find a new one. I have less than a week left of those two months* last night a woman phoned me- she had received one of my “adverts” and said she only has little kids but is prepared to do a month long trial- she knows the school he goes to caters for kids with “special needs” and wanted to know what she would be in for. I assured her he is not super hyper or anything and basically needs someone to nag him to do his homework and such. So that’s November covered. I hope. We’re going to see her this afternoon- I’ll let you know what I think tomorrow.