Today’s Reasons To Say “Thank You Lord!”

First- I saw C last night for the first time since her car accident on Saturday night. I also saw photographs of the car. C said she doesn’t really want to complain about being sore after seeing what the car looks like- they really are lucky to have come out of it alive. She’s bruised and sore all over and she can’t sit or lie comfortably because where she isn’t bruised there’s a nice graze to make up for it! She went back to work today for the first time too- I hope she’ll be okay. Her pain medication really zones her out so if she has to take any at work there are going to be some really funny telephone calls and some very confused clients! Second- I have made a nice big dent in a lot of the debt I accumulated this year- not all, but a lot. I had to borrow money to do so but now at least I can pay back the loan i.s.o. all the different accounts. I’ve rid myself of enough that I don’t leap three feet into the air every time the phone rings! I am determined to get rid of it all by April next year so I can move into a ground floor flat/townhouse (preferably my own one) by July 2006. and I really need to make a plan soon- Damien’s new uniform and art course requirements for next year are going to cost me a packet! Never mind Christmas… And third- All mine and Damien’s blessings! If I really sit down and make a list- its shocking how little I have to complain about. And God has spent an awful lot of time telling me to be patient and stick with His plans i.s.o. allowing my own plan’s failures to drive me to the brink of madness. I am rather “anal” when it comes to planning things in advance (I have said this before) and when those plans fall off the bus I nearly lose it completely! I really need to start taking it easy and listening closer when He tells me something.
When last did you sit down and take a good look at your “haves” i.s.o. worrying about your “have not” list? How many times have you spent the lottery millions in your head (hmmmm, I think I’ve spent close to R100M that way already… easily)!

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