Isn’t It Strange

The things that can suddenly make us heart sore* or make us long for someone we don’t even know yet? I have a different laptop now to the one I started this job with, and it has the previous “tenants” music on it. It’s not bad- a bit of Josh Groban, Ronan Keating, Linkin Park, Westlife, Classics. Not my favourites- apart from the Josh Groban, the classics and the Linkin Park- but I have yet to load my King Robbie, Michael Bublé, ACDC, Anastacia, Koos Kombuis and Wonderboom. Among others. In the meantime I listen to what’s on here- thank goodness for earphones! Today while I was working the Ronan Keating song “Somebody Else” started playing. I have never really paid attention to the lyrics- but something struck me today, I wasn’t sure what had caught my attention so I went back and listened to it again. Then I registered that he’s singing to a wife/ significant other about their new born son. So why on earth would it make me sad you ask? To some of you it might be obvious* it’s because I didn’t have that. Because Damien didn’t have a dad who could get excited about his impending arrival and think he was the cutest thing since the kewpie doll! Here are the lyrics (slightly modified so it’s more like a poem). What do you think?
Somebody Else – Written by Steve Mac/Wayne Hector
I hear the laughter, and I know that something special’s going on.
I hear the passion when you mention his name.
You’re talking on the phone, and you tell your friends that ever since he came-
Everything’s different an’ everything’s changed.
And baby we both know what this means, for you, for me.
Somebody else now.
Someone between us, somebody calling in the middle of the night.
And I can’t sleep now, for all of the crying.
And I know when you hold him tight; he’s the best part of our lives.
I watch from a distance and I see the way you talk to him so close, I’m not the only one you want to hold.
And surely we both know what this means, to you, to me.
He’s the best part baby, girl I’m never gonna walk away from what we’ve got together
‘Cos you need me now, on and ever, I can only pray that we will always be together.
I’m not walking out.
And it’s never felt so right.
I know when we hold him tight; he’s the best part of our lives.

3 thoughts on “Isn’t It Strange

  1. “Sweet day replaced by the night and gently I kiss your lips. You are sleeping now my darling and I am wispering quietly to you:
    Thank you for the day and thank you for the night, thank you for the son and thank you for the daughter, thank you for saving us our little world despite all the hurt and all the pain…”
    Whenever I hear this Russian song, tears are just rolling down, I cannot stop them and I do not even want to…

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