What Is The Protocol For Retrieving Loaned Items?

You know how it’s embarrassing to ask for something back that you loaned to someone- but what else do you do when something doesn’t come back? Many of us have loaned something to friends or family that just never gets given back. When handing over said item it is plainly stated in the conversation that it is supposed to be a temporary arrangement- but maybe that’s half the problem- you never give a definite date or time span. The conversation usually runs something along the lines of “…sure! No problem! I don’t need it right now- you can bring it back when yours is fixed/replaced/rebuilt/comes back down/regurgitated…” Over the years I have lost a lot of clothing and many magazines (and you know I have a “thing” for magazines) because- out of the goodness of my heart- they were loaned out to someone who needed them at the time, either due to illness or bereavement or unplanned pregnancy or fancy dress party! I know my taste in clothing is a little strange to most people, and often you can find at least half of a fancy dress costume in my everyday clothes. And as for magazines- I help plan weddings, so when someone asks for ideas I go armed- except that the last time this happened I left them with the bride to be and she is now avoiding me… I just know in my gut that something has happened to my precious glossies (that cost me a fortune) and I don’t know how to ask her where they are without embarrassing her as well as me! And of course every time I swear “NEVER AGAIN” but I never keep that promise… how do I get my magazines back?

4 thoughts on “What Is The Protocol For Retrieving Loaned Items?

  1. I woudl say, just ask. ANd next time, give the tiem frame “I need them again, so will collect them in a week, okay?”.
    I’ve lost countless books for such a reason, including my precious Terry Pratchetts. NOT GOOD!

  2. spookie: you know how i am over my magazines- i can’t just let it go!
    c: you don’t have to ask her, i will eventually!

  3. I say you just come out and ask her, you have helped her out so much in the past with babysitting etc – if something has happened to them and she doesn’t have the nerve to tell you, then I say ask her and if she does confirm the bad news, let her know how disspointed you are too. And you can do it all in the nicest way – like telling someone to go to hell in such a way that they cannot wait to pack. Or you could just let it go and not contact her again either and let sleeping dogs lie – but I would want to know.

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