I Woulda Slapped Him!

(e-mail post) I watched “Gilmore Girls” last night. Lorelai ended up at a hospital with Rory- where Rory’s father’s fiancée was giving birth to his child. The man had been away and the fiancée went into labour a week early. I knew exactly what was going through Lorelai’s head when she ended up there, since Rory’s father had told her he was excited about the impending birth and didn’t want to miss anything. Yet he had missed Rory’s birth and most of her life. The look on Lorelai’s face when they went to the delivery room hand in hand (when the nurse asked if he was going to the theatre he said “try and stop me!”) was priceless! Picture daggers coming out of her eyes! I couldn’t imagine myself being as calm as Lorelai were I ever in the same situation! I know I’d try- for Damien’s sake, but I would REEEEALLY battle. I can do a lot of identifying with Lorelai Gilmore, and yes I know it’s fictional, but the single-coffee-addicted-unlucky-in-love-mom-to-a-brilliant-teenager is just SO me! LOL! And she’s almost as good looking as I am… don’t you think?