All About My Trip To The Dietician

Well. I know my bathroom scale is correct. So, in the interests of motivating myself- I’m going to tell you what my vital statistics are and what the dietician and I would like them to get to. Are you ready? Currently I weigh 82.9kg (182 pounds); I am 1.64m tall (just less than 5 feet 4); according to her calculations I have 42% body fat and roughly the same muscle percentage! That surprised me. I am indeed clinically obese. That did not surprise me. We went over my dreadful eating habits (no lunch, no breakfast, too much coffee, starving by suppertime) and my family’s health history in detail. The of diabetes in my family as well as my slow sugar metabolism is a big part of why my weight gain all sits between my shoulders and my crotch (remember the bubble on toothpicks I described last week)! Apparently this is typical of insulin intolerance. And I have to go for another sugar curve- which is a diabetes test- and I loathe them! I’ve had several before because I am borderline diabetic. It’s a case of not eating from the night before, like with surgery; then when I arrive there they draw blood immediately. Then I drink 150ml of pure glucose- its vile stuff! Then half an hour later they draw blood again and then again every half an hour another three times- so it’s five blood samples, three from one arm and two from the other. And it definitely doesn’t hurt less the more they draw! If you ask me it hurts more… but I am a chicken when it comes to needles. Okay, so my eventual target weight is 60kg (132 pounds), but firstly I’m going to try and get to 70kg- which is a loss of 12kg (28 pounds) without losing the muscle… now have to start exercising, which I’ve been putting off and putting off and putting off. Next year I WILL be joining a gym again- because Damien and both I loved that and I really want to go back. But in the meantime I must start walking at least a couple of times a week. I go back to her on Wednesday and she will then give me the diet plan and shopping list she’s working on. She’s given me a couple of vitamin thingies as well- one to boost my stomach enzymes to try and ease my heartburn- and a potassium supplement. I now have to eat at least two fruits a day- but no fruit juice and boost my water in take- which is already on a litre a day at least, I like my water! Right. So now I’ve told you all about it, I will HAVE to keep you up to date on my progress. Wish me luck. Especially since I have no control when it comes to Kellogg’s Frosties, or spaghetti, or basmati rice, or vanilla coke, and Mickey D’s… oh my goodness how am I EVER going to give all that up!!

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