Nearly Forgot

To mention how myself, Damien, B and her boys went to the airport on Saturday morning to welcome back my bestest best friend and her son who had been to Vegas for that huge karate tournament. My seven year old godson came back a double gold grand champion, and my friend G brought home a bronze and a gold medal! The medals are huge and nearly a centimeter thick! Their family made a big banner for their club that said “WELCOME HOME CHAMPS” and we cheered and waved balloons and cameras! Then we went for a celebratory beer before we all left for home. They did a bit of the tourist thing while they were there- and I so wish I could have been there with them! I’m going to their place next weekend so I can see all the photos and she can tell us all about everything they saw and did- they were too moeg (english translation- half dead) on Saturday after their flight to do more visiting as well!