Over The Weekend

We had lots and lots of thunder storms! Big lightning! Big hail all weekend- on Saturday one hailstone actually cracked my bedroom window! Greebo of course spent most of the weekend hiding in a cupboard- he loathes thunder, while Taxi took full advantage of being the only cat visible and took all the attention he could get. Friday night there was a dreadful wind storm that blew trees over that have been standing for at least fifteen years! My mom and dad were without electricity on Saturday from 3pm till after midnight! My electricity went out yesterday- then when I found my oil lamps I realised I had no matches or a lighter! Luckily it was only off for about 2 hours and came back on before it got too dark. Other than that we had our last movie club night of the year (except for our planned year end “function”). We saw “The Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood” which restarted the debate about what the definition of a chick-flick is, and we saw “The Butterfly Effect” which was brilliantly disturbing… makes you think for hours after the movie!

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