Invasion Of The Laptop Snatchers

Okay, it wasn’t that bad but it may as well have been. This weekend was a mad rush to say the least and I didn’t have much time to spend on my laptop- but when I did try on Saturday, something was very obviously amiss. I tried again on Sunday with the same result, so I gave it up as a bad idea.
Friday afternoon (when my laptop was still fine) I downloaded my emails and surfed a little at work like I always do, then I went to fetch Damien and pick up the chicken that Pick ’n Pay (a local supermarket chain) owed me. You see, I bought a half roast chicken on Wednesday afternoon, only to get home and find no drumstick! So I phoned them to complain and they very kindly replaced it with a whole roast chicken- I love their roast chicken- done rotisserie style and delicious. Score one for me! Anyhoo- I got a couple of DVDs and- armed with movies and chicken- made my way to sister B’s place, since she was childless and husbandless for Friday night. We watched “Star Wars III” and “The Pacifier” neither of which Damien and I had seen because our favourite video shop is no longer buying new releases on VHS, have pity on us till we can acquire a DVD player. After a very enjoyable evening we made our way home, only to get woken at 3am by one helluva thunderstorm. Check that- I was woken up, Damien didn’t hear a thing!
Saturday morning early I was at our local hospital for blood tests- a glucose tolerance test to be precise. Anyone who’s had a sugar curve as it is also known will sympathise with me here! First of all you don’t eat from the night before, and then when you get there they draw blood (2 vials). Next you get to drink 250 millilitres of pure glucose- which is DREADFUL stuff and wait half an hour which is when they draw blood again- 1 vial. And they do this another 3 times- 30 minutes apart. So it’s supposed to be 2 hours, 5 “pricks” and 6 vials before they allow you to escape. AND I had to have 6 “pricks” ’coz the one guy couldn’t get it right and gave me a massive bruise, see the picture? That’s the crook of my right arm! Now let’s just clarify here- when it comes to shots- I am a big baby as it is, but I swear it gets more painful every single time they stick the needle in! Damien was supposed to be at a friend’s birthday party from 11 to 4 on Saturday, but because my tests ran late and I still had to get the friend a birthday present, Damien was late- but with about 15 other boys there I don’t think his friend’s mom minded at all! After I fetched him we made our way to the home of a guy who works with me- he was having a potjie* and I was actually supposed to be there a lot earlier- but with everything else I said it be there late. Damien had another swim and watched “Star Wars III” again on a snazzy big screen TV while the grown ups ate and visited. We made our way home fairly early though and were both “lights out” by 10 o’clock!
Sunday morning was another early one with church at 9:30. After church we went shopping. If there’s one thing I love it’s shopping and this year I haven’t really been able to afford any spur of the budget trips. We stopped and got videos on the way home, but did some housework first- vacuuming, washing, dishes and the like- and then we watched the videos, i.e. “Dungeons and Dragons”, “Thunderbirds” and “Tomb Raider II”. Don’t you just love Angelina Jolie?!?! Then after the movies I watched the morning’s Malaysian A1 grand prix, which I had taped while we were at church. Apart from both races being very exciting and entertaining- it was nice to see Team SA finish for a change! We haven’t had a very good A1 season, and I’m hoping it will improve soon.
Monday morning first, thing I booked my laptop in for exploratory surgery- and they did indeed find a virus- even with protection! The poor thing spent more than four hours in theatre, but came out fully functional and without any significant handicaps or losses (read: no missing files or applications- thank goodness)!
*For you non sowf effrikuns- this is pronounced “poykee” and consists of meat and vegetables all cooked together on a fire in a 3 legged pot (think witches cauldron with a lid). It takes more than a knack for it too ‘coz it can very definitely be botched. This one was fabulous though.