Sorry About The Noise

But I just couldn’t help cheering- I have lost all of 1.8 kilograms people (in two weeks)! WOOHOOOO! YAY! YAY! YAY! YEEEEEHAH! Whew, okay (pant pant), I’m out of breath now. I’m only going back to the gym neeeeext year. I went back to the dietician yesterday afternoon and she is very pleased. Honestly, I haven’t fully started my diet because there’re a lot of things on my shopping list that I haven’t bought yet, but I started along the basic principals. You know… I cut down on my coffee, started drinking at least 1 cup of rooibos tea a day, cut down on my comfort foods, added lentils and split peas to my rice and increased my water intake. And Damien’s reaction was just classic, I’ll never forget it- you’d swear he’d won a prize or something. He’s making plans for us to start exercising when we get home from work and school… hang on- now I wonder if he WAS lying all those times he said I wasn’t fat…! LOL! My mom and dad were also excited for me. Then my mom reminded me that she has done her diet thing a few years ago at the same time I’m doing mine- the bloody festive season! I cannot believe my stupidity! Bygones. My dietician phoned me on Monday about my glucose tolerance test- even on an empty stomach my blood sugar is high (5.6), and two hours after I drank that vile glucose (which shot it up to 11.2) it had only gone down to 8.8. But it’s pretty much the same result I got last time. Then my doctor phoned yesterday after she received my results- and said she wanted me to start seeing their dietician- and I could tell her I already was. HAH! Kidding, she was pleased. I’ll keep you updated.

5 thoughts on “Sorry About The Noise

  1. thank you, thank you, settle down now. autographs start at 50 bux a pop! HAH!
    spookie: the blood work results put me at borderline, same as always. however- the diet and weight loss should bring my results back within “normal” range which reduces my risk of becoming full blown diabetic.

  2. Well done! So what do those blood sugar results mean? Are you diabetic or pre-diabetic or what?

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