Last Night

I took a friend of mine to the airport. I volunteered to take her because they’re very special to me and they’ve always been good to Damien and I. She’s going to her brother in England for 12 days and her husband left for Australia this morning for roughly the same length of time. They’re not even going to be together for their 10th wedding anniversary! I think it’s rather funny- but I know they’re both a little sad about it. I drove through to the airport and literally just dropped her off last night- her flight was leaving sometime around midnight I think so she had to be there by 9pm, and it’s not around the corner so I didn’t stay, I would really have liked to. Luckily I know that particular road like the back of my hand and I really like driving my car- a decent highway is a bonus! And I must compliment whoever runs and planned the airport- it’s a pleasure to go there. It looks like something out of a movie and it is so nicely marked as to make it easy to get in and out!