This Is My Christmas Post

With a Christmas angel and all- and it’s juuuuust in case I don’t get to check in again over the next two weeks (like I’m going to be able to resist going to an internet café if I can’t get my dongle-phone-thing to work)! Of course- I promise that if anything of major significance happens while I am on holiday I will find a way to let you know- otherwise, I’ll post again in two weeks time! On Christmas eve we will be going to my brother’s place- unless he’s too buggered from his trip to the game reserve, Christmas morning we’ll probably be at my mom’s and then we’re going to a nearby restaurant for an early lunch. We’ll probably take the boys swimming after that or something, maybe even totally flout convention and go and see a movie! Waaaahahahaha!
And next Wednesday is my 32nd birthday. I am going to be 32 years old. Hell I’m getting old! I’ll probably have visitors (hopefully all bearing gifts) through the day since I will actually be home through the day (this is also a first) so I best move my ass and tidy my house properly! Honestly- if I could find someone to do it for me, say- like today, I would do just that.
New years will be held at my folk’s place this year- we’ve had it there a few times- it just makes it a lot easier than trying to find babysitters for all the kids. My days of pub hopping on New Years Eve are over until Damien moves out of the house (actually I only did that once- but it was such fun- we started in a pub somewhere- visited two others, watched the sunrise from the top of a famous kopje (after forcing my then boyfriend’s Alfa Romeo Sprint to go bundu bashing up said kopje), then we had breakfast at a Bimbos and fell into bed at around 7am the next morning. And then my folks brought Damien home… that was not so much fun… he was about 5 years old and I was tired and hung over! I’ll never forget that night though- or Damien’s face as he stood next to my bed to wish me a Happy New Year and give me a love hello!
And don’t you just love this shoe- if I could walk in heels like this these are the shoes I would wear (Damien laughed his head off at my one attempt at stilettos in a shoe shop). I have not made a birthday list this year- like I did last year, which was exceptionally successful- but I did post a list of wants on this blog.
I think I have about finished my Christmas shopping, nearly, and I’m fast running out of time so I best check my list!
Have a good one all- drive safely- and thank you for making my blog so much more fun than I ever thought it would be! See you next year!

Yay- I Can Eat Junk Food Again!

That’s what Damien crowed in his half broken pubescent voice when we arrived at my parents to drop off my Gran yesterday afternoon! He hasn’t had junk food or sweets for two weeks- I think he may have been just getting over his withdrawal symptoms when he got home. Can you imagine- three proper meals a day- cooked fresh veggies and meat for supper- lots of eggs- I wonder if his system knew what hit it! And he said he made a friend on the bus- her name was Candy- quite a cute Candy by the looks of the phone picture he took, but he just said he “made a friend” and I didn’t ask for anymore information* just now he tells me he joined the Barely-A-Couple-Of-Meters-High-Club or something! On the bus trip home the bus was packed and granny organised to sit on the bottom so she didn’t have to climb stairs- and because the bus was so full Damien ended up sitting on the upper level. He’s tanned and happy and it sounds like they kept him real busy! There were two or three other boys on the farm around his age and they went everywhere together. Hiking, climbing, fishing, a real farm holiday! And maybe its just maternal pride- but I swear his biceps are even bigger than when he left! My beautiful boy is home again and he was happy to see me! On Friday night we are going out for the evening to eat junk food and maybe see a movie.

Me- Freshly Inked

my mommy darling took this picture for me on monday night- my mom & dad were the first to see it after i had it done! as soon as i can i’ll take a close up picture- it’s about 5cm long! and of course because it’s where it is it’s been lain on and sat on and bumped… so its still a little sore. i’ll keep you updated on the progress.

I Have It!

And I love it! I went last night to get my strawberry inked, I
eventually decided to put it in the small of my back. So far everyone
who’s seen it loves it- I’ll post a picture of it a little later (‘coz I
can’t do it from my client). My mom took a picture for me last night
when it was brand spanking new! From what I can tell it’s a little
different from the drawing I took with me- but that doesn’t worry me,
it’s the artist’s discretion and I like that. It is hurting a lot
longer than my other two did though- probably because it’s a lot more
ink and she had to use a bigger variety of needles than my first two

This Week’s Origin Also Has A Seasonal “Feel” To It

Especially given how I have been feeling lately- and on the weekend I watched an hysterically funny British documentary where they interviewed a fair collection of men (who are presumably famous in the UK, although I didn’t recognize one of them) as to their views on Christmas and some of the truly ludicrous lengths people go to when celebrating it! I have no idea what the doccie was called as I tuned in after it started but it really was very entertaining! So today, I have chosen the word “humbug”- as in BAH- as in Scrooge! It simply means nonsense or rubbish, particularly when purporting to be elevated language (whatever that means) and it’s probably from the Italian ‘uomo bugiardo’ which means ‘lying man’. This meaning is reinforced by the early meaning of the word ‘hum’, which was to deceive (with false applause or flattery). Go Scrooge!