I Cannot Believe It’s December Already!

Tonight is Damien’s Grade 7 Valediction* Ceremony. My baby boy is officially finishing primary school tonight! I still can’t believe it. I gave him a nice neat haircut last night to be smart for tonight- I left the top longish so he’s got something to style when he wants to, but short back and sides otherwise. He looks so handsome! They get their signed t-shirts today (he tells me its black, it’s got 2005 on the back with their “autographs” in it) to wear tonight with BLUE jeans so they will all look the same. I think there are all of 22 grade 7 kids in his school! I am going to dress smartly but I’m not going to go too snazzy with my make up since I’m probably going to cry it all off, and I think Damien may be a little embarrassed by a public raccoon impression! Then after the valediction ceremony the kids will go and have a party and the parents and grand parents get a finger supper. I am planning to stick around till Damien is finished jolling but my folks will go home. I’ll post photographs as soon as I have them.
Ok, deeeeeeeeep breath- only 24 days to Christmas and I have not done a jot of shopping! Not because of laziness or anything- anyone I know will tell you I’m a complete mall rat slash shopaholic. But this year I have no bucks! Nada, zip, zero, zilch, naught, nothing! It’s frustrating and annoying- especially since I’m used to having at least some money to shop at Christmas!! How spoilt have I been people (and I checked- its Thursday so I’m allowed to bitch)! For the last twelve years I got a Christmas bonus, a thirteenth cheque- this year- I didn’t. And it’s KAK! And- AND- there’re only 27 days to my birthday! Okay- are you paying attention, you best get shopping now!? I want the following books by Terry Pratchett: “A Hat Full Of Sky”, “Going Postal”, “Thud” and “Where’s My Cow”. I also want the box set of “The Chronicles of Narnia” by CS Lewis. And I want King Robbie and Anastacia’s new CDs, and new sunglasses, and a dragon brooch that I saw in a jeweler’s window, and I want the mother of pearl and silver ring that I saw in the same jeweler’s window, and I want someone to pay off all my accounts, and I want someone to buy me a house with a garden near Damien’s school (it’s a real nice area I promise you won’t regret it), and I want a corner lounge suite from Coricraft, and the taffeta cushions I saw in Mr Price Home, and I want you to stop laughing now- this is serious dammit! I am going to be all of 32 years old. I mean young. Do I mean young? No, not everyday I don’t think, well, young to be mom to a 14 year old handful, I mean boy!
And Damien and his great granny leave next week for their two week holiday on the farm. My mom called my aunt for me to tell her about Damien’s “long fingers” problem. My aunt said it’s not a problem and she’ll “keep an eye on him”. Isn’t my mom just the bestest!? I just hope to Christmas he doesn’t do anything silly while he’s there.

I’ll fill you in tomorrow on how the Valediction went.

*it’s like a send off from the school where they say speeches and hand out awards and reminisce and so on.