What Damien Did Last Night!

We had bible study last night at my Gran’s place, and after we’d finished we were chatting over tea like we normally do, and I mentioned my family’s “sibling supper” that’s around the corner. I then had to explain what it was and about the gift we each buy and so on.

Then- while we’re all laughing about the ghastly kitch present that we all go out of our way to find for our siblings- Damien pipes up AND POINTS from the floor next to my chair: “Ja, like that vase jug thing of yours over there on the kist, granny!” Of course, being the polite civilised adults we are, we all pretend not to hear the deep 14 year old voice booming up from the floor next to me.

And so- thinking we hadn’t heard him- he said it again!

And this while I had my hand on his arm trying to gently shush him without attracting attention to what I’m doing and without physically clapping a hand over his mouth! I couldn’t be sure but I could have sworn we all started talking and laughing a little louder right then! I quickly grabbed Damien and my dirty plate and dashed into the kitchen where I VERY quickly tried to explain the concept of etiquette around NOT pointing out people’s hideous ornaments while they’re in the room.

I just pray my granny’s hearing was not up to par at that moment.

One thought on “What Damien Did Last Night!

  1. remember these:

    “we must hurry up coas my mom wants to wee”


    “hey dad when you gonna put wheels on my chair?” (which you said while kicking the old mans wheelchair)


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