I Have Reported Three Buses This Week!

And three buses last week! Yup- I am one of those people who phone’s the numbers on the stickers that say “how’s my driving?” Have you ever tried them? They’re really very polite on the other end. I have several of those numbers programmed into my cell phone- in fact I wish everyone would put one on their bumpers- I would have a field day every day! I especially like phoning the numbers on the back of buses and trucks. I don’t know about the rest of the country- or the world- but where I live, they do what they like- when they like- where they like- how they like! And because they’re big you must just get out of the way- or suffer the consequences. I wish I had a bull bar on the front of my little car- not to do serious damage or anything you know- just to touch someone gently enough to ruin his or her day when they’ve cut me off or something. Yes- I am a bitch in the traffic! Now I just wish the taxis would get the same stickers!

One thought on “I Have Reported Three Buses This Week!

  1. And you truly believe that those numbers that you phone are going to make a difference in the traffic or the way people drive…?

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