“Lots Of Love”

I giggled myself into a coughing fit yesterday afternoon- I even needed my asthma pump! Here’s the story. After work I stopped off at my mom’s office- because I had my granny’s car after dropping them off at the bus for their trip- and to collect my car I needed my parent’s gate remote, so mom and I chatted, window shopped (and I got a gorgeous new ring- will post pictures soon) and went for a cold drink before going home. While we were chatting in her office something got us onto the subject of the acronym “LOL”. I think we were reading the comments on my blog when she saw it in someone else’s text. Can you see where I’m heading with this? Brace yourself. My darling mommy was under the (obviously mistaken) impression that LOL stood for- drum roll please- Lots Of Love! I’m already giggling again! And until she learned- just recently- what LOL actually stood for, she thought everyone was so sweet in signing their emails and text messages with “lots of love”, and of course she had used it herself- plenty of times! Then once I started imagining all the types of messages mom had attached it to- meaning “lots of love” and not “laugh out loud”- I really started giggling! Never mind the messages where mom had accidentally used it in the correct context- just imagine reading a text message like this one “I AM SO SORRY YOUR MOM IS IN THE HOSPITAL, PRAYING FOR YOU, LOL, G” or how about “THE YEAR END FUNCTION HAS BEEN CANCELLED. LOL, G” and then there’s “DAD IS NOT WELL TODAY, HE’S NOT GOING TO WORK. LOL, MOM”! I was in stitches for a good while- and every time I think about it I give a little snort and start chuckling again! Thanks for making me smile mom- love you stax!

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  1. LOL !!!!!! rotfl !!!!! Thats classic – love it! You aint never gonna live this one down mom!!! VOOL!! he he

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