There Are Absolutely No Words

to describe how i feel right now! i know i said i wasn’t going to post today- but i had to let you all know i’m alive and tell you how i feel! but i’m battling with the “feel” part- i mean, how do you describe flying? it’s something i have wanted to do for as long as i can remember- to fly where i can see the ground underneath me that is- and today i got to go into the air THREE times (about 10 minutes each time) and i got to control the plane as well- the sensation you get when you feel the craft actually respond to your movements is… addictive! there’s no other word for it! and to fly with a pilot who knows what he’s doing- we went up, we went down, we did a three sixty where it looked like we were spinning on the tip of one wing! you know the feeling of your stomach jumping into your throat when your car suddenly hits a dip in the road… well, replace the car with a motorcycle, put a hangglider on top of it, put it 500 feet in the air and multiply that feeling by ten… that’s kinda what it feels like when a microlite hits a thermal, or when the wind grabs you and throws you around the sky a little! i have never been on a rollercoaster because they scared me- but after today- a rollercoaster looks like child’s play! and i SO wanna fly again! it was unbelievable. the only thing i regret is not being able to take my camera into the air with me- they were understandably wary of something flying out of my hands and into the propellor behind me, so i couldn’t do that- but there was someone on the ground taking pictures while we flew- so as soon as we get the pics i’ll post one of me flying! wow people- if you get the opportunity to do what i did today- do not turn it down! grab a flight suit and get in the air!
i am off to recover now, a decent adrenalin rush actually makes you quite tired! i just wish i could do it again soon!

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  1. Nothing compares to flying in a microlight. You haven’t flown until you have flown in one. My dad owns a microlight and I haven’t been up since falling pregnant. I miss it! Glad you could experience it.

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