Oh, The Joys Of People Watching

With Damien away on holiday, I am truly and immensely enjoying my “freedom”, feel free to send the hate mail about me not appreciating my child, and me being selfish, etcetera, but I won’t deny it. He is having a blast on the farm and when he gets back we’ll simply appreciate each other that much more! On Saturday I went to our local shopping mall to pay some accounts and walk around a little on my own. I went and sat in a “Juicy Lucy” and had a HUGE spanspek smoothie- lovely! And watched the people go by from behind my new sunglasses. There was a table next to me- mom, dad and three daughters- the youngest of which did not stop talking the whole time they were there. She was full of questions and comments on everything from the table they were sitting at to the people around them. Then there was another table with a youngish guy sitting waiting for someone, and he kept taking pictures of his feet and shoes with his camera phone! I thought he was a little strange until I remembered I had been photographing myself! And the best was a family who walked past, two boys I think, and one of the kids asked if they were going to sit somewhere and eat something, like in a restaurant, when mom said yes this little guy all but jumped into the air and said “YESSSSSSS!” as loudly as he could without embarrassing his parents! It’s amazing how quickly we take that kind of thing for granted. As kids we very seldom ate out because there was no such thing as MacDonald’s way back when, and with four kids- eating out was far from cheap! But we went occasionally, and it was a real treat! All four of us kids remember an occasion where my dad took us to “Mikes Kitchen” and told us we could order whatever we wanted! My dad drank all the tomato cocktails in the restaurant! Ordering anything we wanted was a first for us and we’ve never forgotten it! In that respect, and compared to my own childhood, Damien is quite spoilt- we do “take out” or “eat out” on a fairly regular basis- mostly because I will do nearly anything not to have to do dishes… but pretty much just because we can. With just the two of us it doesn’t cost me the earth and we both enjoy it! Yes- I LOVE “Macdonalds”! Love it people! My dad can’t stand it, neither can sister B. And I have received some very funny looks upon public admission of my McD addiction. And don’t get me started on “KFC” popcorn chicken, or their Twistas. And then there’s our over-the-road pizza place- which IMHO the best in the country! And the chips from “Vetkoek Maleis” which are almost (but not quite) better than Mickey D’s. And “Wimpy” breakfasts. And “Seattle’s” Mocha Freeze. Damien and I love to sit somewhere and watch the people go by. Then we try to make up our own little versions of where they’re from and what they’re doing! I love nothing better than to watch Damien’s nose crinkle up when he thinks I’ve said something funny! So just ask us- I can tell you where the best of anything is! What say you? How often do you eat out?