Tomorrow Is A Public Holiday!

Which makes this a short week for a lot of Sowff Efrikuns. Me being the slowcoach I am- when it comes to workdays- didn’t register this until yesterday morning- and then I got a big fright because I suddenly had one less day in which to complete the work I had for this week! It also means the shopping malls are going to be packed to the brim with vicious drivers fighting over parking spaces and mad women arguing over trolleys and queue space tomorrow… I am thinking of tackling one or several anyway, mall rat that I am! I would also love to get my new tattoo tomorrow- I found the perfect picture of a strawberry and I am so excited! What do you think? I am probably going to do it more or less this size and I am going full colour too. Why on Gods green earth would I want a strawberry tattoo I hear you wonder out loud… well, because until Damien was about 5 years old I called him “Strawbrees”. My dad started it- in our family we always joke that a baby’s nappy smells like strawberries and cream, and for poor old Damien the moniker stuck! After I stopped the “Strawbrees” ‘coz he was getting too old for it, I used “monster”, “pumpkin”, “munchkin”, “squashie”… can you see my propensity for veggie nicknames? Ridiculous I tell you! Anyhoo, I have been wracking my brain for some time to come up with a tattoo that signifies Damien to me. I played with getting his full name, a picture of him, his initials, all sorts of things, and then I found a piece of jewelry that I just couldn’t resist- a ring of strawberries around my finger! And then it was the classic light bulb moment, you know the one?! But the “problem” changed and became one of finding the PERFECT strawberry picture. I finally found it today! Don’t you just love it!?! I can’t wait… I am even tempted to leave work right now to go and get it done! My new dilemma- I just haven’t decided where to put it yet. I already have one on each upper arm (an answer to your question Melany, hi!) I was thinking inner arm just above the wrist? Or maybe one of my shoulder blades- the problem with that being that I can’t see it without a mirror… any suggestions?