This Week’s Origin Also Has A Seasonal “Feel” To It

Especially given how I have been feeling lately- and on the weekend I watched an hysterically funny British documentary where they interviewed a fair collection of men (who are presumably famous in the UK, although I didn’t recognize one of them) as to their views on Christmas and some of the truly ludicrous lengths people go to when celebrating it! I have no idea what the doccie was called as I tuned in after it started but it really was very entertaining! So today, I have chosen the word “humbug”- as in BAH- as in Scrooge! It simply means nonsense or rubbish, particularly when purporting to be elevated language (whatever that means) and it’s probably from the Italian ‘uomo bugiardo’ which means ‘lying man’. This meaning is reinforced by the early meaning of the word ‘hum’, which was to deceive (with false applause or flattery). Go Scrooge!