Yay- I Can Eat Junk Food Again!

That’s what Damien crowed in his half broken pubescent voice when we arrived at my parents to drop off my Gran yesterday afternoon! He hasn’t had junk food or sweets for two weeks- I think he may have been just getting over his withdrawal symptoms when he got home. Can you imagine- three proper meals a day- cooked fresh veggies and meat for supper- lots of eggs- I wonder if his system knew what hit it! And he said he made a friend on the bus- her name was Candy- quite a cute Candy by the looks of the phone picture he took, but he just said he “made a friend” and I didn’t ask for anymore information* just now he tells me he joined the Barely-A-Couple-Of-Meters-High-Club or something! On the bus trip home the bus was packed and granny organised to sit on the bottom so she didn’t have to climb stairs- and because the bus was so full Damien ended up sitting on the upper level. He’s tanned and happy and it sounds like they kept him real busy! There were two or three other boys on the farm around his age and they went everywhere together. Hiking, climbing, fishing, a real farm holiday! And maybe its just maternal pride- but I swear his biceps are even bigger than when he left! My beautiful boy is home again and he was happy to see me! On Friday night we are going out for the evening to eat junk food and maybe see a movie.

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