December 26th- So Much For Flouting Convention!

Christmas Eve was fun- Damien and I spent the morning shopping- yes- shopping, despite mass mall insanity- and except for a dreadful attack of conjunctivitis at 2pm it was a nice day. I spent a couple of hours with a cold facecloth over my eyes because it was too swollen and itchy to drive. It also left my left eye swollen until lunchtime today. I spent all of Christmas Eve in sunglasses, which led to some interesting jibes about me having partied the night before and if I thought the patio lights were too bright etcetera. I bought myself a new textbook, “TEENAGERS with ADD A Parents Guide” by Chris A. Zeigler Dendy M.S. It makes for some interesting reading although I’m not too far into it. I’m hoping it will help my relationship with Damien. Damien and I went home with my folks after jolling with my brother and slept in my moms lounge with the air conditioner on. 30+degrees Celsius (89.6°F) with humidity really is no fun! We slept pretty well- Damien was awake at 5:50am! Christmas morning with my folks was something I haven’t done in ages and it was fun, we had rusks and coffee and my dad handed out the pressies. Damien gave me a musical Christmas card and the new Robbie Williams CD- I couldn’t tell him I already had it- he knows me so well! My folks gave me a fabulous NIV Rainbow Study Bible! It’s my first new bible in nearly 20 years, and my Good News Bible has worked really hard too! I surprised Damien with a book on Alien (the movie) he’s a huge fan of HR Giger’s work as well as the movie. I also gave him a Greenday CD DVD box set which he chose (hence the attempt to surprise him with something). Then we all went to a local restaurant for Christmas lunch. It was marvelous- no cooking, no dishes, being waited on- I had a shrimp cocktail starter, a beautifully done beef kebab & chips with a lemon sorbet for dessert. Damien had a burger and chips (he ate half his burger and no chips). My dad had snails to start and then sole, mom & granny had beef schnitzel, sister B & C as well as brother G had ribs (I think- one of them may have had a steak). Little nephew N was on full form and performed all his tricks! He now holds his arms up at shoulder height and wiggles his fingers when you ask him where his hands are; he holds his arms up with a sharp intake of breath when you ask him to show you his muscles; he can also show you his ears and sniffs when you ask him where his nose is. Nephew D (sister B’s youngest) was in his element because he was told he could order whatever he liked- so he had a massive plate of chips! After lunch we all went home, and sister C invited Damien to go back to the plot with her where her significant other was celebrating Christmas with his family. Damien of course didn’t hesitate so I quickly packed him a bag from the one we’d used the night before and off he went. I went home and promptly fell asleep in front of the TV for a few hours. Towards evening we were subjected to a magnificent thunder shower… and a two hour power cut! When the power came back on I went to the folks place and watched “Last Of The Mohicans” which was a Christmas gift to my dad (I gave him “Shawshank Redemption”). Boxing Day we were back at the folks place for lunch- Damien had an absolute blast with sister C- they played darts and pool until 2am! Of course sister C and her significant other were full of praise for him and his behaviour towards them and the other kids there. Then he spent the rest of Boxing Day in my mom’s office playing computer games- I asked him numerous times to please come out and join us, and of course he upset my dad with his antisocial antics. He only joined us to eat, because I threatened him with punishment if he didn’t. Why? Why is he so completely different when I’m around? I’m hoping I’ll find something in my new book to help me work through this.