My Baby Started High School Today

I still can’t get over it. It was a beautiful, cold, rainy and overcast day- mine and Damien’s favourite weather.
Yesterday (the day before school started) he and the other newbies spent a couple of hours with the prefects and they were taken on a tour of the school, shown what areas were out of bounds, where to assemble and so on. He said the prefect they were with pointed out the parking lot and told them they may not smoke there and that’s the first place they look for “missing” kids during school time. They were also warned not to participate if they see seniors gambling in the toilets during break and before school. I was flabbergasted! Gambling of all things! Anyhoo. He said he had fun, and he was looking forward to his first day. He met a couple of kids he knew from his previous school and from gymnastics so I hope he hooks up with them again. He had to wear his primary school uniform yesterday and he had to have an A3 poster with his name, birth date, previous school and province, study field (art) and a baby picture on it and it had to be displayed in front of him. Last night he had to add one of his favourite things to do to the poster (skating).
Last night Damien packed his bag for gymnastics (with a tracksuit and shoes to wear to bible study which is immediately afterwards). He packed his school bag, but it’s pretty much empty. The school is supplying all his books and textbooks to begin with and all he had in it today was a pencil case and his lunch. I was glad to see lots of other non-standard school bags and suitcases so I will not be replacing Damien’s beloved LIZZARD satchel. I also pointed out a few kids who were wearing their winter uniform with a blazer but no jersey; which Damien insisted was not allowed. I really hope he’ll relax. I half wish I could be with him everyday to whisper little tips and hints in his ear. Can you imagine!?! The new parents were invited to attend the opening assembly with the rest of the school in order to introduce the new pupils. The principal asked the parents present please not to panic- that “it” was normal and that “it” happens every year, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The newbies waited outside while the rest of the school filled up the hall, then they had to walk in- cross the stage and go down the other side stairs to sit on the floor. As the new kids trooped in and across the stage the rest of the school started whistling, shouting, clapping and screaming* in a nice way- if that makes sense at all. The grade 8s were very embarrassed and moved further and further back on the stage as more and more of them came in from outside. They were carrying their posters and each had a round sticker- either green or orange- on their foreheads, I have no idea what that was for. The thing that struck me as I watched Damien walk across the stage was how different his first day was to mine. When I moved from primary school to high school I took nearly all my friends with me, we stayed in more or less the same neighbourhood and we all knew each other- Damien is practically alone. He has to start all over again. I hope he does okay- Damien nervous is Damien very quiet and serious and oft misinterpreted as moody.
Damien opted to wear his full winter uniform today and he looked so smart and grown up. I’ll only be taking pictures later today though; this morning was a bit hectic to say the least.
You will be impressed to know that I have resisted the temptation to call him and text him all day. I also did not kiss him goodbye and when I went to put my arm around him when we parted company at the school he flinched! He actually flinched! That’s the first time he’s ever done that!
Oh and one other thing- when I walked into the gallery in the school hall the first thought in my head was “I never got here”. How weird is that?!
How did all your “first day at school” go, or are you all still on holiday?

2 thoughts on “My Baby Started High School Today

  1. I hope his first day turned out to be as great as Quintus’ first day in primary school 🙂

  2. S said school was lekka!! M says it wasn’s so lekka for him :-(. Dunno why, sounded a bit grumpy.
    Oh well such is life.

    Proud of you Damien !!!!!!! Work hard sweetie!!

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