Damien Had An Absolutely Marvelous First Day!

This is what he told me in the car when I fetched him.
In the morning when they were assembled in the amphitheatre waiting to come into the hall, each grade 12 pupil “adopted” one of the new grade 8 pupils. Damien was “taken” by a guy named Nick, who told Damien he must call him “Boss”. Damien says Nick came up to him, read his name board and said “Right, you belong to me now.” Damien actually likes this guy- and it seems like these “adoptions” are done with orientation and camaraderie in mind. Damien says Nick reminds him of my brother G (who Damien thinks is the master of the universe and if G says the sky is yellow then that’s what it is!) He had to follow Nick around all day and speak in a Scottish accent. But he was also introduced to Nick’s friends and the guy bought him a cold drink! Oh, and FYI, Damien doesn’t know what the sticker on his forehead was for this morning anymore than I do.