What A Week

Geez. This has been a really up-and-down week for me. First there was the low point of my dad being admitted to the hospital on Sunday morning with hyperglycemia and hypertension. His blood sugar reading was 28 (normal is between 5 & 8) and his blood pressure was 208 over 180. My dad has been diabetic all his life and he’s been on medication for his blood pressure for quite a while as well so his medical conditions were no surprise- but his sudden deterioration was a surprise. And fishing trips will NEVER be the same again!
Tuesday was a high point when Damien spent a few hours at his new school with the prefects in a kind of introductory sessions and it was my brother’s second wedding anniversary.
Wednesday was also a good day when Damien actually started school proper with his uniform and all. He looked so grown up. He had a new haircut and everything. And to top off that day he enjoyed himself and seems positive about starting school. And my dad was moved out of high care into a general ward so things were looking up for him.
Thursday started on a low point when my dad had a brain scan due to a constant headache and they found bleeding on the brain and moved him immediately to ICU. The whole of Thursday we waited for his blood pressure to come down because the doctors are going to do an angiogram on the bleeding vein as soon as his blood pressure comes down enough.
Today too is a waiting game. Our bosses have given me and sister B permission to leave immediately if they decode to do the operation today so we can be there with my mom during the procedure. Mom and sister C are camped at the hospital all day today so they don’t have to drive back and forth every time the phone rings. I’ve had a knot in my stomach constantly since my mom phoned me yesterday morning. it’s the worst feeling to know what’s going on but not be able to do a damn thing about anything!