Our Weekend Was Enjoyably Hectic

Friday lunchtime started with a company meeting after which we are not expected to return to our clients unless there’s something that really needs doing that day. I fetched Damien fairly early, and then realised I had not downloaded my work hours for that day and had to go back to my office! Then I had an appointment with the dietician (more on my diet later) and only then could we go home. On Friday night Damien and I got a couple of DVDs like we usually do on a Friday (although when there’s no money in the video shop “account” we just watch TV movies) but we didn’t finish watching them and were both in bed early (for our average Friday night that is).
Saturday morning Damien’s buddy from school phoned and Damien went over there for most of the day. This gave me some “me time” and I dropped off the letter from my doctor at the gym (being asthmatic and overweight made me a high risk candidate- I nearly fell off the chair when the consultant told me that) and I went to “Mr Price” to get some track pants and vests to exercise in. We were due to go to a friend’s house as of 3 (his fortieth and his daughter’s second birthday celebrations) but we were late. My Daddy darling got out of the hospital on Saturday! But after they’d been home for a while my mom realised she hadn’t collected his prescription so I went back to the hospital to fill it for them. While I was there I bumped into my BIL and his father who had just had an angiogram (or an anagram to hear him tell it, can you see me trying not to giggle) and been cleared, so big sighs of relief for their family too! After picking up dad’s meds I collected Damien and only then did we head for our friends and the birthday parties. This is the same friend who is expecting twin boys at the end of April and she worked herself to a standstill preparing for their daughter’s birthday party. Sensibly she ordered platters from “Pick ‘n Pay” for her hubby’s celebration and eventually she could sit down and take the weight off her feet. She looks fabulous and the twins are so adorable and greatly anticipated. There should be a baby shower one of these days. . . any gift ideas for twins would be greatly appreciated (I am getting a list from the sister throwing the party- but I would love to get something different and/or original as well). I so love visiting with this particular couple- they adore Damien (they refer to each other as their weekend family) and I adore them both. They’re the kind of people who make you feel so welcome in their home that you completely lose track of time. And of course having known them for a while I know their other friends as well and Damien and I only left after 1 on Sunday morning!
Sunday morning I overslept horribly and only woke up at 9:15! Our church service starts at 9:30 so I had to give it a miss in order to be ready to collect sister B and two of her boys at 10:30. I went to the shops and got some meat and bread rolls and a six pack of sister C’s boyfriend’s beer of choice (it was his 36th birthday and we were going through to celebrate with them). We had a lovely relaxing day on their smallholding, where they have 34 show roosters (noisy? Never ever!), and she has two ducks (Jamima and Jerome Puddleduck), a lotta chickens and three dogs. The boys love going there- they play outside in the trees as well as playing some pool and darts and PS2. There are also a lotta kids in her boyfriend’s family so they were all far from bored. We got home at around 6 and then had to prepare for school and work and such.
This morning- we overslept- and although we got Damien to school in plenty of time, the traffic made me a little late for work.
I have also joined http://FLYlady.net and I will be starting her 31 day beginner’s programme today. Go take a look- it’s quite fascinating! And for those who know me and how much I looooove housework- don’t laugh- I am quite serious. This is “clean up” year for me- gym and all!