How To Tell When There’s A Book Sale On

It’s actually really easy- if I can, I spend a veritable fortune- and I really get some bargains! I love books, I read a lot and I could never have enough of them. And just in case you misunderstand me when I say I spend a “fortune”, here’s a list of what I’ve bought since the Exclusive Books Summer Sale (Fanatics Sneak Preview) started last Wednesday night:
Diana Wynne Jones: The Tough Guide To Fantasy Land Is just that, a spoof version of an A-Z guide to fantasy fiction and it’s very funny. I wonder if this woman has a blog, I’d love to read it?
Paul Scott: The Fetish Fact Book Is exactly what it says on the cover and it’s fascinating reading! It’s incredible to see exactly what is defined as fetishism!
Mitchell Symons: This Book The cover says ‘more interesting than the bible’ and I think. . . at the risk of being a hypocrite. . . that it very well may be! It is literally stuffed from cover to cover with the kind of crap I love- like a list of famous people born with a club foot, or famous people who were foster children, and famous people who turned 40 in 2005. . . oh wait, wait- you know those long emails you get over and over again that are called ‘amazing facts’ or something thought to be equally witty (me? sarcastic!?) well this is a 430 page book full of those lists!
Anne Rice: Blood Canticle Another one for my collection of her books in paperback as well as one I haven’t read yet. I nearly missed it too, on Wednesday night I had it in my grubby little clutches and put it back because I thought maybe I already had it- when I got home and realised I didn’t- I staunchly resisted the temptation to rush straight back to pick it up. . . and went back on Thursday after work instead.
Dr Bonnie Macmillan: Why Boys Are Different You aren’t really wondering why I bought this one are you? A text book to add to my collection. . . luckily it’s not too heavy a read.
Patrick Moore: Atlas Of The Universe Admittedly, I don’t “need” this one since it’s a friend of mine who’s into astronomy, but it’s really interesting with some stunning photographs- and I may just give it to my friend anyway.
Cassell Illustrated: Inside The Body This one is fascinating- it’s a massive hardcover book with images from beneath the skin- as photographed through microscopes of varying strength, mesmerizing. And so cheap even the cashier did a double-take!
Terry Pratchett: Going Postal and The Light Fantastic Okay- they weren’t on sale- but I haven’t read the former and I needed both to get closer to completing my collection of Discworld paperbacks (I still need Sourcery, Feet Of Clay, Wee Free Men and Thud!) I’ll supply my postal address if anyone’s feeling generous.
Chris A. Zeigler Dendy, M.S.: Teenagers With ADD A Parents Guide Another textbook, also not on sale but proving to be interesting reading.
Stephen Arterburn, Fred Stoeker With Mike Yorkey: Preparing Your Son For Everyman’s Battle Yet another textbook, the cover says “finally, a resource that guides you through the toughest- and most important- conversations you’ll ever have with your son.” Damien and I have discussed sex- the ins and outs thereof (so to speak. . . hee hee), and I’m hoping this will give me another way to make sure he understands the gravity of sex.
And last but not least…
C.S. Lewis: Narnia Also not on sale, and far from a bargain. . . but I’ve been waiting for it for a couple of years- it’s a big paperback with all seven Narnia stories in it. I read all of them about twenty years ago, and I’ve read a couple of them to Damien as bedtime stories since, now I’m going to read them again.
And this list does not include magazines… I can hardly wait for the next sale, thank goodness I can’t open an account at Exclusive!

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