Ok, Now I Feel Like I’m Really Going To Have To Do It

Move myself and Damien to the Midlands Meander; live like a hippy; make goat’s milk cheese and/or grow tomatoes (which ever one’s easiest) for a living; and home school Damien is what I’m referring to. Geez, I am so tired I dunno if I’m coming or going! Several times since Damien started school I have woken up in the morning and not had a clue as to what day it was! The driving to the school and back twice a day is really getting to me! And incredibly I had not one response on my advert in the paper for after school care for him- not even crank calls! I feel like pulling my hair out and asking why on earth people seem to think “high school equals maturity” when it SO does not! Last week I did not get home once before it was dark. Not once. I like driving him to school in the mornings, I really do- but taking an hour out of my work day to fetch Damien after school means having to work it back in again after wards, and leaving him alone and unsupervised at the school until I finish work is just too big a hurdle for my paranoid neurotic little mommy mind. What’s stopping me from doing the hippie thing? I like shopping too much. . . yes really. Hello, my name is Angel and I am a mall rat. And I love suburbia, and all it brings with it; I don’t like being more than a couple of kilometres from conveniences like malls and movie houses- not to mention schools. And dirt roads would drive me nuts if I had to travel them everyday, I don’t even like speed bumps! The farm is fine for visiting but- and let’s be honest here- I’m waaay too lazy to seriously consider making my living that way! I really do wish I could find a lift home for him and someone to have him in the afternoons.