And In Today’s News- A Dating Update

So. Yesterday Damien gets in the car and I am all but bouncing in my seat I so badly want to ask him if he asked the girl out (lets call her “Babe” shall we). Eventually I can stand the suspense no longer and I ask him (as casually as I can) if he asked Babe if he could be her date for her birthday party. He says no he didn’t; he wrote her a letter. So I ask him (also as casually and as un-witch-trials-inquisitor-like as I possibly can) why he didn’t ask her verbally instead of writing a letter, I mean they share a school and they’re in the same grade after all. He says they’re not allowed to text each other in class and he doesn’t see her before school. So I say “what about break time?” “Hhmmph” is his answer. So I drop it. Then he shows me a letter. His first letter from a girl. . . at least, it is as far as I know. Babe has folded it up rather complicatedly and written all over the outside of it- things like “don’t show this letter to anyone!” To my mild relief, I didn’t see any hearts though. My palms are all but itching to read what it says, but I control myself and I don’t even ask to see it. So I steel myself and I ask what Babe’s answer was. And this has been preying on my mind- because I don’t want to lecture him on what to say to her- but I also don’t want to worry him by warning him about what she could say. . . rejection and all that, you know. . . Damien says she said she wants to think about it because she’s just gotten out of a three month relationship and doesn’t think she’s over the “ex” yet. In my mind I’m all “WTF is this- she’s the same age as you!?!” but I managed to stop myself before I say anything (reminding myself of how I was at 14 years old). He says it’s cool because he knows she likes him and she knows he likes her. So I suggested that if she indeed says no to him tomorrow, he must suggest to her that he would like to be her escort for the evening, not necessarily as a boyfriend. That way she doesn’t have to worry about thinking he’s going to want to be her boyfriend from then on, or expect her to kiss him or anything. Was I clever or what? Can you tell I’m hoping she says no? I hope Damien didn’t pick up on it. I’m also wondering if I shouldn’t reconsider putting him in an all boys boarding school- instead of the one he’s in now where the girls outnumber the boys five to one!