Oh Joy!

I get to spend yet more money on my car. Yesterday morning, Damien and I climbed in the car to leave as usual, and as I turned the key in the ignition there was tell-tale split second of nothingness before the car started. Now, since I’ve had a couple of old, abused and generally kak cars in the past- I have had flat tyres, flat batteries, electronics packing in, my exhaust falling off (no less than four times), blown gaskets, brakes shot, shocks shot, bald tyres, the alternator dying on me, the fan belt snapping, the idling motor needing replacing and the starter motor packing in (twice, I think)- so I have a pretty good idea what most car problems sound like. I just knew this was my starter motor (the first time in this car at least). I called the guys I usually go to (who specialise in Opel Corsas) and asked if they could help me fast. They said I must stop by just to make sure it’s not my battery- which is cheaper and faster to replace. I went, they checked, I was right. Luckily they have a starter motor for me so I don’t have to wait, it’s going to cost me about a grand but it only takes about an hour to replace. That’s happening tomorrow (Wednesday). Then as I was leaving work, I had to turn the key a couple of times before it fired up. So- since about August last year- I have done a major service (seven hundred bucks or so), I have had two new tyres and four new shock absorbers put on (just over two grand), I have had to replace the idling motor (a grand), I had my brakes done which required replacing the disks (another two grand), and now it’s the starter motor AND the thermostat. So I asked them to look at my console lights which all seem to have fused as well, since the car’s going to be there most of the day anyway. Had I been able to save all that money I could probably have put a deposit on a new car, but the monthly installments on a new car are a problem. I’m hoping these are not signs of soon to be regular degeneration- due to my car’s age of course.

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  1. Oh no. It’s horrible to have to keep on spending money on cars! Much nicer to spend it on ourselves LOL

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