My Poor Baby

Yesterday morning when we were in the car on the way to school, I asked the knucklehead about Babe and the phone.

I told him that if he’d like to he could put his sim card in my phone (his has gone in for repairs) and call Babe after school and on weekends.

I truly didn’t think of it over the weekend until it was too late.

The knucklehead said he had told Babe his phone was bust because she had asked him why he didn’t respond to her “Please Call Me” text messages. He didn’t seem terribly concerned though. I mentioned that girlfriends are high maintenance and that a lack of attention could have dire consequences! Still no particular trace of worry in the knucklehead’s demeanor, but that’s just him.

Yesterday afternoon when I fetched him he seemed particularly miserable (compared to other days I mean). But as I think I’ve mentioned- getting information out of the knucklehead is like finding hens teeth. He’s quiet for a while and then he tells me a particular kid in his class was making fun of his handwriting. He has mentioned this guy ragging him before- and to my mind- it’s a form of bullying, albeit verbal. Am I wrong? Anyhoo, I told the knucklehead that as much as I wanted to I couldn’t do anything about this guy; that we had discussed it before and that the knucklehead now had to decide for himself, how he was going to react. Any negative reaction just spurs people like that on and the knucklehead- being himself- takes things like teasing very personally.

Then he told me that Babe had spoken to him and told him they are better friends than a couple. He wasn’t happy, so- despite the inner me doing cartwheels and cheering- I tried to put a positive spin on it by saying that maybe they could be a couple later- after they get to know each other a little better. He agreed, and he said they’re still talking and he is still invited to her birthday party this weekend, which I take as a positive sign. So- I must be careful what I wish for. . . telepathy is not dead after all, its just slow. Then again- in all honesty- I can’t help feeling more than a little relieved as well as guilty!

2 thoughts on “My Poor Baby

  1. That is most definitely still bullying even if it is verbal. Little twit. I cannot stand a bully.

    HUGS to him. Sorry to hear she “broke up” with him

  2. SHEESH – whos the one “dating” here? You sound as if it is you going through a “new” relationship. I can realte though –
    I dont know how I am going to cope with THREE – count em – 1,2,3 – three girlfriends!!!

    M, I leave totally up to his father. I dont bother with anything ANYMORE! He refused to say thank you to me for arranging his birthday thingy and baking etc even after B asked him if he had said thankyou, maybe it’s just me, but is that too much to ask? He would never have gotten what he asked for if I didn’t arrange it for him!!!

    So technically I will only really worry about 2 girlfreinds, not 3.

    Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a mom and could just do things my way all the time. I spose it’s my own fault an all – but I am sick of trying and getting nowhere.

    So there, thats why you haven’t being seeing me around lately – I didn’t want to dump all this on your blog – but there you go, consider it dumped!

    dthez – death easy

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